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Well Hello Gorgeous!!

Welcome to the first step in your beauty adventure! I'm so exceited for you!

In order to create a totally unique and tailor-made routine for you, I just have a few quick questions!

Ready to completely revamp your beauty routine?!

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When you look at the veins on the underside of your wrist (in natural light) are they...

What are your biggest makeup concerns?

Any skin concerns?

What are you wanting to achieve from your beauty routine?

Okay gorgeous, I just need a makeup-free selfie! This is so important for me to accurately match your natural skin-tone and undertones and get a better idea of how your skin is behaving right now.

I know that sending a makeup-free selfie can be intimidating, please know that I am the only one who will see it and I will delete it as soon as I'm done matching you! Follow the instructions below to submit a perfect selfie!

Would you like me to custom build your cart with any Seint Makeup related recommendations for you?

That's all the questions I have for you!

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