Makeup Hacks for Beginners

Posted: Sat Feb 03 2024

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Makeup novice? Here are some quick tips to improve your skills!

I'm back guys!!!

And I'm here to talk about some makeup tips to improve your SKILLZ

This has to be one of the biggest questions I get, especially as someone who had…less than stellar skills until recently. I have no professional training, I haven't taken hours of classes. So. Let the self taught makeup artist tell you about what you can do to improve your makeup skills! This is going to be a very general overview that will work for most beginners. Specific topics like "tips for hooded eyes" will be a different article😘

So I'm not even sure how to word this first tip…but…


Just start. When you're sitting there, staring a picture you want to re-create, you're probably wondering…"where do I start?". When you're just practicing and just starting out…it honestly doesnt matter where you start. Just do the thing and once you get started it may not seem like such an extremely overwhelming task. Don't be worried about what brushes you need. Just get the makeup on your face! Don't be afraid to make a mistake! Makeup remover exists for a reason 😘

Which leads directly to my next point. Which may be obvious…but


But lets talk about how. This is going to sound odd, but practice at the end of the day! After your day is done, you have no more plans, and are going no where. Grab your favorite makeup and just, do you makeup! Try something new.Try something that scares you. Go bold. Do whatever kind of makeup you want! The beauty of playing with makeup at the end of the day is that you can wash it off, restart as many times a you feel you need to, with absolutely no pressure to wear it in public! Doing your makeup shouldnt be stressful. Its a time to devote to just you, to have some fun, and unlock your creativity! One thing I will say is that if you're going to be applying taking off and reapplying multiple times, make sure you use a gentle makeup remover. I recommend oil based balms. My personal favorite is Senegence's deep cleansing balm. Take about a blueberry size amount in your hand, gently massage all over your face, and wipe off with a damp washcloth. No scrubbing and pulling necessary!

Ok this next tip is actually a practical one haha :) You ever wonder how people get their liner so sharp? How to even start a wing shape for eyeliner? Some people use concealer. Some might even use makeup remover. BUT. My secret weapon?

3. TAPE.

Yes. Tape. Take some makeup tape (i actually just use washi tape) and place it on your face at your desired angle. Do your eye makeup. Remove tape. The result is going to be a PERFECTLY STRAIGHT clean line. You can use this as your guide for your winged eyeliner, or just rock the clea, sharp, eyeshadow look. Yes you technically use masking tape or scotch tape, but I wouldn't recommend it. It can be harsh on your skin and pull a lot more than something like washi tape.

Now. Along that line (pun intended) next tip…

4. Do your eyes FIRST. Especially if you're using traditional powder eyeshadow like I suspect most of you are.

Here's why… You're going to get fallout under your eye. You're going to want to re-do the winged liner you've been practicing. Now if you've already done your whole base face, when you go to clean up that fallout you're inevitably going to end up removing some of your foundation/concealer ect. BUT. If you do your eyes first, clean up is a breeze!

Maybe this next suggestion is also obvious…

5. Watch makeup videos!

I cannot tell you how many things I've picked up on by just watching various makeup artists. (Personally I love Robert Welsh, his voice soothes me and his makeup is BEYOND PERFECT). This will also help you understand some of the various terminology used in tutorials as well. That way you don't feel like you're entering a tutorial blind.

Watching videos I find also helps me try out different techniques and find what works for me. No one does their makeup exactly the same and no one should!

The key to all of this is really this. Don't compare your day 0 to someone else's day 100+.

Love always,
Tara xoxo



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