Makeup & Manifestation: Color Correspondence

Posted: Thu Jul 27 2023

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Learn the basics of color correspondence and how to implement them into your makeup!

AAAAAHHHHH It's the first makeup and Manifestation article!!!!

Sorry I'm just so excited 🤩

Ok. This has to be the easiest way to use makeup with intent. With COLORS

Color has been used for eons to evoke different emotions, aid in spiritual rituals, or even treat different ailments. There are whole studies on the psychology of colors.

Do an exercise with me. Close your eyes. (Ok read this paragraph and then close your eyes).

Think of the color red. What comes to mind. Danger? Love? What about blue. Water? Sadness?

This is the basis of using colors with intent. Just choose your makeup colors to reflect what you're looking to attract or manifest! Every color has correspondences you can tap into!!! This is how you can tell the universe what you want, or amplify your Manifestations

For example… If I'm looking to manifest abundance in my life, I might do a meditation…visualizing what my life would look like with abundance, whether that's abundance of love, friends, finances, etc. Now meditating on it is great, but to put a bit more oomph…try doing your makeup after with corresponding colors! This will add additional energy behind your intentions. You can also do the visualizing while putting your makeup on but my attention span would not be equipped for that 😅

Or maybe you're feeling down. Just stressed, heavy…not yourself. When you get ready to do your makeup, you might want to try using yellow for happiness, pink for self love, orange for energy, green for health etc… Check out this video for quick guide to the process:

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Obviously you can buy books that'll list each correspondence for you…but the beauty is truly when you personalize it. But if you need some ideas…here are some of my personal correspondences

Red- love, passion, fire

Orange- energy, motivation

Yellow- happiness

Green- abundance, health

Blue- healing, calm

Purple- wisdom

White- cleansing

Black- protection

Brown- stability, earth, grounding

Again, these are just my personal correspondences. Yours may be completely different and that's ok! Do what works for you, make it personal, that's where the magic really happens

Love always,
Tara xoxo



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